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Firewalking Challenge

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Knowing the secret behind firewalking can improve your life! Even if you never try it, knowing how it works can bring you better health and increased personal power. Why? Because firewalking demonstrates how your thoughts impact everything else in your life. Thoughts change brain chemistry, and that results in an alteration of body chemistry as well.

Firewalking ChallengeFirewalkers are instructed to pay close attention to their thoughts, since those very thoughts are the way in which we create our own realities. Positive thinkers literally live in a different chemical environment than negative thinkers. They impose less stress on their immune systems.


"Dennis, I just wanted to thank you for a magic night. I had such a hard time falling asleep because I was so EMPOWERED! I never dreamt I would do any of the things we did last night. Thanks so much for opening my eyes."

It has always been my belief that a person's state of mind is the crucial factor when exploring the science of firewalking. I counsel prospective firewalkers to avoid walking on the embers until they take a moment to look inside themselves at all the conflicting inner voices. Some voices will be saying "Don't walk!" and others will be saying "Walk!" I tell people to first listen to each inner voice, then pay attention to the state of your body.…Because if you are relaxed with your decision, you are in a certain bio-chemical state. Whether the relaxation with the decision to walk is based on a belief in physics or a belief in a higher power, it matters not. Both beliefs create the exact same physiology in the body.

The body itself is an excellent reflection of mental state. If the body is tense, that is an indication of thought processes which will interfere with the physical mechanisms employed by the body to protect itself….After people tell themselves "I can do this and not get burned," and they feel "comfortable" with that certainty, they proceed to walk with "confidence." All these states—relaxed, comfortable, confident—indicate a certain chemical condition within the brain and body. Thus, firewalking becomes an exercise in examining the mind/body connection.

Excerpted from Extreme Spirituality: Radical Approaches to Awakening by Tolly Burkan.
Reprinted with permission. See

I Learned Firewalking From the Master—Tolly Burkan

Tolly Burkan’s approach to firewalking has resulted in a global phenomenon of over three million people attending firewalking classes. It is no wonder he is considered the “Founding Father’ of the international firewalking movement.

During the 1970s, Tolly gained his reputation by creating innovative, cutting-edge methods for developing human potential. In that decade, he also created the world’s first firewalking class and began teaching firewalking to the general public. In the 1980s, he founded the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education, started working with large corporations such as Microsoft, American Express and Met-Life and began training instructors who routinely include firewalking in their executive empowerment seminars.

Tolly Burkan’s impressive list of students includes Anthony (Tony) Robbins, Edwene Gaines, T. Harv Eker, Peggy Dylan, and me!