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The Road to Personal Success
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The Dennis McCurdy Story

Dennis McCurdy“I thought college was teaching me very little about what I needed to know to succeed,” explained Dennis, “and so I quit in 1973 to begin a career in real estate.”

That career lasted about fourteen months.

At age twenty-four, broke and depressed, with no education or training, and the prospect of having to move home to live with his parents, Dennis took his first major risk: He purchased some real estate with two friends who knew as little about real estate as did he. But, little did Dennis know at the time, this first small step was to be a giant leap in his personal success.

“We were able to buy the building with no down payment. And since one of the partners was a new attorney, with no legal fees. I was only twenty-four; but I was now a landlord.”

Self-Motivation Is the Key To Success

Dennis began studying for his insurance broker license “while driving a canteen truck during the day and tending bar during the evening.” Shortly after Dennis passed his license exam, another risk presented itself: He was asked to purchase his friend Bob’s agency. he said yes, so with a book of business of $6,000 annual commission, Dennis began his insurance career.

In 1975, Dennis purchased another small insurance agency in the neighboring town. Since the bank would not loan him any money, the owner agreed to carry the loan. Dennis also borrowed $5,000 from his parents. “I re-paid the loan with interest within 6 years.”

He purchased an office building in 1977, which he still owns today. “The building cost $42,000. Again, I was able to purchase it with no down payment and a second mortgage taken back by the owner. I also took a small personal loan from the bank. A friend from his first real eatste venture I wanted to buy a larger property  next to his office, and so we made a deal. This is proof of the value of networking and relationships.”  This shows us what Emerson wrote was true;  "Once you decide, the universe conspires to make it happen", Dennis adds, "we just have to learn to take action and stay out of our own way".

In 1978, Dennis married and within a year he purchased a home in the town were he grew up—again with no cash down payment. By 1979, at age twenty-nine, Dennis owned two agencies, a home, and an office building.

When interest rates climbed to historic high levels in 1981, Dennis started his own real estate agency. Too add more to his full plate, he started a building business with a friend, and began buying foreclosures with a couple of other buddies.

The company was incorporated and was named BBW, Inc. “It stood for Big Bad Wolf—from the chorus of the Sam the Sham and the Pharos song "Little Red Riding Hood." We purchased a few foreclosures, sold them, and made a profit.”

Then a few years later and after his divorce, things began to stagnated. "Business was okay; things were not terrible, but there was little-to-no growth. This cycle of events led Dennis to determine that much of the stagnation came from a lack of Vision and Goals—something he had always had.”

Dennis jumped back on track and the rest, as they say, is HisStory.

More About Dennis

It is no wonder that business and personal coaching are his passion. Dennis has been involved in motivating his entire life. His talks, workshops, and speeches come from the heart. People find Dennis witty, entertaining, poignant, and inspiring as he illustrates how they, too, can Find A Way.

As president of Dennis A. McCurdy (Find A Way) Company, he developed Find A Way, a six-week, workshop and training program for individuals who want to move ahead, invigorate their life, and reach for their dreams.

Dennis speaks frequently about personal success and growth. He is a practical and down-to-earth motivational speaker and coach, dedicated to helping individuals grow and reach their potential. Even those who haven’t figured out their direction benefit greatly from Dennis’ vast knowledge and experience.

Dennis is a member of the Early Risers Toastmasters of Worcester MA, and was the founding president and a charter member of Village Toastmasters of Sturbridge, MA. He received the CTM (Competent Toastmasters Designation) in 2005.

A businessman since 1973, his company Dennis A. McCurdy Insurance Agency was awarded the prestigious 5 Star designation in 2003. At that time, only twenty-one other agencies had received this distinguished award. His success in business has made Dennis a much sought after presenter at industry conventions on “How to Become a 5 Star Agency.”

He trained with Tolly Burkan, at the renowned Firewalking Institute, were he was certified to teach.

Dennis is a Vietnam Veteran, having served at Phu Cat Airbase, Bin Din Province, Republic of South Vietnam as a machine gunner and mortar gunner, and squad leader with the 12th Security Police Squadron from July 1970 to July 1971.