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What's Your Story?

We all tell stories. We tell stories every day about who we are, what we do. We label ourselves by our roles and goals every day.
CAUTION! Before you read further, remember one important thing: your subconscious mind is listening, waiting to do your bidding!
When you tell the world (and yourself) who you are-I am athletic; I am very particular; I can never make ends meet-these statements are what you believe about who you are. These are the ways you define yourself.
Funny thing is, though, we often sell ourselves short. Other people sometimes see a different story, and usually it's our best stuff, our skills, gifts and talents-often the "selling points" that we tend to discount.
Listen to how others tell your story, and work to add their chapters into your version.
The stories you tell yourselves do one of two things: they enhance your self-image or they limit you. This affects not only your spoken stories, but also the quiet conversations in your mind. Every story you tell comes from one place: your beliefs about who you are. And most of us have a tendency to down play ourselves. Ask yourself this honestly. Are my stories limiting me or enhancing me? What story do you think Tiger Woods tells himself?
Pay attention to the stories that are not serving you and begin to change them. Pay attention to your "I am" or "I" statements. These are your "story."
I am this
I am that
I do this or that
I am not
Listen to your " I am" statements. Embrace the positives and turn the negatives around.
Try this:
Instead of I am not --- say I will be
I can't---I can learn,
This is hard----I can do hard things
Find A Way to tell yourself better stories.