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Why Not?

The other day one of my clients, Alice, came in the office to buy insurance for a foreclosure she bought. So what's the big deal? Well... a couple of things.

Many people think about doing these kinds of things and don't. We're all full of excuses; you know the reasons why we don't or can't.

So what is unusual about this woman? Alice recently turned 80 years old. She has been retired for a good 15 years or so, traveling around the world whenever she has a chance and extra money. She loves Australia. She decided to earn extra money by buying and investing in foreclosures, fixing them up, and flipping them. She told me, "I always go to the auctions. I always bid and I never get anything, but this time I did."

Here's a woman 80 years old and her attitude is "Why not? It's interesting. I'm having fun with it and I can make some extra money. If I don't need it, I can give it to the kids or the grandkids." I liked her answer "Why not?" In other words, "Why not me?"

My question to you, and myself, is why not you (or me)? There are possibilities and opportunities out there everywhere and too often we have myriad of reasons why we can't. To quote Alice, "Why not"?

Start adding to your "Can List" and trash the "I Can't List." Why not?