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How Much Do You Spend On You?

How much do you spend on you? And I don't mean on externals such as cars, vacations, clothes, makeup, iPods, or haircuts. I mean, how much do you spend on the internal you? How much time, energy and money do you spend on your personal development? Stop now and think about it...Be honest...How much?

You Are Your #1

Asset You are your #1 asset, and yet most people do very little investing in their primary asset -- themselves. Developing your inner you, your self-image needs to be your number one goal. Why? Because as you are on the inside, so is your life on the outside.

You are magnificent. You have incredible power and ability. Everything you obtain on the outside is a direct result of how you think and feel on the inside. Do yourself a favor, spend time, energy, and money on your inside - developing your thinking, developing your mind. If you do this, then you won't have to worry about much else; what you strive for will come.

The law of attraction is based on one universal fact: How you think and what you think will determine what you have in your life. If you want to know what your thoughts are, take a look at what you've attracted. What you now have is the result of your thoughts. If you want to improve a part of your life, improve your thoughts about that part. The law of attraction is a universal truth.

The next time you think about spending on the outside, make a decision to shift some of that money to investing on the inside. Ask yourself: Why am I buying this? Is it because I truly need it? Does it serve a utilitarian purpose? Or does it make me appear to be on the outside what I do not feel I am on the inside? In other words, pay attention to the thoughts behind the action. Are your thoughts about your self-image helping you or stopping you? Then take action...Change all negative unproductive thinking to positive productive thinking and watch the results.

During a business planning meeting recently, my friend and associate Anne said, "You know, we all do have far more talents and abilities than we ever use." Bingo Anne!

So remember:

  • Pay attention.
  • Spend on the inside on you.
  • Read positive material.
  • Listen to motivational CDs.
  • Seek out positive people who are going in the direction you want to go.
  • Attend workshops and seminars.
  • Find a coach, or a mentor.
  • And finally, spend on you, your #1 asset.

You'll be glad you did.

Find A Way.