Dennis McCurdy's Find A Way
Get What You Want, Get What You Deserve.


We live in a belief-driven world. What you believe determines what you have today or will be tomorrow. Take any event, circumstance, dream or goal in your life and think about this:

  • What do I think/believe about ________ (you fill in the blank) i.e. being very successful, being happy, being spiritual, money, relationships)
  • What do I say to myself? (this is a clue to your beliefs---make a list-I mean really...make a list and keep adding to it for a week or so)
  • Are these beliefs...what you think, feel, and say to yourself moving you forward in your life, limiting you, or stopping you?
  • Ask this question: How do I need to think and believe to improve or change what isn't working, and add to what is working?

Do this often and you will be surprised, amazed, and you will grow and prosper.

Find A Way.

~ Dennis