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Be A Selective Learner

Most of us pay little attention to what we learn every day. Today you may learn a new way to do something and not even think about it. And what about all the other things you listen to, read, and see. Are you paying attention? Even if you are not aware, your subconscious mind is aware. Your subconscious mind is always listening and learning every day. Everything seen, said, and done is recorded for posterity. Yes, that's right, posterity, forever.

Let me ask you this question: since everything you see, hear, or do, is recorded in your mind forever, do you think you should pay attention? Every thought brings you closer to your dreams and aspirations, and the life you want to live, or further away. Do not allow the planting of the seeds, aka thoughts that will not serve you, or your best interest.

Your life has been created by the intake you have allowed up until now. What you allow in today and tomorrow will determine what you do and who you become.

Be aware too of the people with whom you surround yourself, the people you let into your circle. Remember the old adage "Water seeks its own level." What level do you want to be today, tomorrow, next week, next year? Much of this will be based on your circle. Why? Because you will often think and act in alignment with your circle. Why do we do this? Because, we, as human beings, have a tremendous need for affiliation, for belonging. It give us our sense of being lovable and surviving. The groups we affiliate with provide us with a sense of belonging. Remember in days of yore the worst punishment was not death, but banishment.

Is all this, that is, what you see, what you hear, learn, and who we associate with important? Yes.

You are betting your life on it!

Okay, so what is the message? Pay Attention!

  • To your thinking,
  • To what you learn,
  • To what you listen to,
  • To what you read, and
  • To who you let into your circle.

Be a selective learner. It will make a huge difference in your life.

Find A Way

~ Dennis