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Design Your Life Your Way

If you don't set goals for yourself, you are doomed to work to achieve the goals of someone else. - Brian Tracy

Design your life your way...after all, it's yours! Too many people live their lives helping someone else live theirs. Maybe they had goals of their own at one time or maybe they had a dream they've given up. So they plod along living someone else's dream.

You have to continually think about and take steps towards fashioning the life that you want to live. Things are always changing, you are always changing, and sometimes our dreams and goals may change too. And if it is a conscious choice, an acceptable choice, then that's okay. But if you allow other people to make choices for you, or emotions-like fear-to make choices for you, then you stop living your life your way. This is when you need to schedule a Goalanoscopy.

The earlier you start on your goal path, the easier it is. You will have more time to work at achieving your goals because, as I said, things do change. Even though things do change, and we may have to modify our plans temporarily or Find New Ways to work towards our goals, it's the people who never give up who succeed. Individuals who keep moving forward live the happiest and most fulfilling lives. They are continually dreaming, working, adapting, and struggling towards their desired life.

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest until the very end. Those who do so have few regrets and seem to be happier and more at peace with life and with themselves.

Even though life may sometimes give you a flat tire, send you on a detour, or give you transmission trouble, you can always Find A Way. Keep a spare in your trunk, find alternate routes, have your tranny checked.

Schedule that Goalanscopy. Take action! Find A Way!

Find A Way