Dennis McCurdy's Find A Way
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Are You Willing?

Are you willing to make feel embarrassed or look to foolish on occasion... to act on or do something, even if it's not perfect yet?
Why these questions? Because most of us, with very few exceptions, have to fail in order to learn. Any time you attempt something new, expand your horizons, reach for new heights, you will fall down, trip up, and make mistakes. But, we learn from our mistakes; we grow because of what we learn.
My friend dear, Rory, reminded me of the words of Dr. Robert Goddard, whom he greatly admires. Goddard said, "Every mistake gives me valuable negative information." By this Goddard means information you can use to improve, to move forward. There's an old truism: If you're not making any mistakes, you're not growing. "Fail" is not necessarily a bad four-letter word.

  • Ask yourself?
  • Am I pushing the envelope?
  • Am I taking enough risk?
  • Am I challenging myself?
  • Can I do more?
  • Am I afraid to fail, make a mistake, look foolish, or feel embarrassed?

If you're like me, you hate these questions. If you're like me, you also know that they are necessary to your growth.
Go ahead and start today. Take 15 minutes at lunch and think about what you want. Ignore the "what ifs" and the fears. Make a promise to yourself that each day for the next week you will take 15 minutes and work on your goals. Bring this Find A Way weekly with you and read it again and again and again. Use it every day to remind you. I guarantee you that over next few weeks it will make a major difference in your life.
Think about what you want. Put it in writing-this is a form of commitment-and keep reviewing it.
Go to the Find A Way web site and read "Take A Motivational Shower" and "Design Your Life Your Way."
Go ahead and do it! Don't wait; you can always finish what you're doing now later. You don't get to finish your life later.
Find a "pain-in-the-butt" friend who will bug you to work at your goals again and again. Find friends who will support you. As Peter J. Daniels says, "I associate with people who have empires in their minds." The problem is that most of us want to soar like the eagles, but we hang out with turkeys. Why is it scary to hang out with eagles? Eagles fly high. You can too!
Go ahead...make a mistake, learn, grow, achieve, and flourish. .
All life is an experiment.