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Be A Story

As I was working on my book I decided to add several stories about people who found their way taking the risks and accepting the challenge to shape their own lives. Well, then I decided on a second book with those stories. What I did was write a post-it note to myself that said, "Be A Story", be your own story. We shouldn't have to read about others. We should be our own story of success. I think most of us want to be one of those stories we read about; someone who lived their life their way. Yet somehow as we move through life things get convoluted. We too often get caught up in other people's story, which reminds me of the quotation I like "You are either part of your own plan, or you are part of someone else's plan". Read that again... "You are either part of your own plan, or you are part of someone else's plan".
When I do my workshops I encourage people to look at their family stories and then write their own life vision which is the story of their future; their preferred future... what they truly want. So please start working on this today. Writing your future story, your vision will help you become clear about which direction you want to take. Write your own story and start now, see it, believe it, post it on you goal board, (what no goal board, okay that's the first project) start today to make it happen. You can make it a screen saver; put post-it notes up everywhere to remind you. Listen to the stories you have been telling. Do they need to be changed? How do you want to change them? can change them!
Sometimes thinking about these things can be little frightening... heck it's downright scary. scary would it be 10, 20, 30 years from now when it comes to the end of your time here and you realize you always live someone else's story, You were part of someone else's plan not your own.
Every day you can take small steps towards living your story. Take them!
Be A your own story.

Find A Way