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Be a 2% er

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article entitled "Someday." It was about how most of us have things, dreams, or goals we want to accomplish...someday. In retrospect, that article laid the framework for this week's topic: "Be a 2%-er."
This title isn't new to me. I'm stealing it, well, let's just say I am "borrowing" this title from my friend Frank Herberg. Or maybe I'm borrowing it from one of his friends, Don Cookson.
What do I (we) meaning by being a 2%-er? Most people have goals, ideas, and dreams, yet less than 2% of people actually take action or do anything to accomplish their goals or to fulfill their dreams. Let me give you an example. My friend Darren LaCroix, the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking, says this. "People will come up to me and asked me to mentor or coach them, to teach them to add humor to their presentations, the first thing I ask them to do is to buy Judy Carter's book, Stand-Up Comedy: The Book. I tell them to read the book and then call me. The interesting thing is almost no one buys the book. Of those who do, very few read it, and almost no one calls me."
Isn't that interesting? So many people say they want to grow and get better. They take a first step and ask a world-champion speaker to help them. The champ says yes, but then they never take the next step; they never follow through.
Having a more successful life isn't that hard. You can Find A Way...remember it takes commitment. Use the techniques that you learn from reading books, listening to CDs, attending workshops. Take action on your ideas. The time and energy may cost you now, but it will pay huge dividends later. Take a step today...take a step away from the 98%-ers and towards the successful few.
Join the 2%-er club and you will be way ahead in the game we call life.

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