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Being Grateful

I know everyone writes about being thankful this time of the year. So how could I break with tradition?
It is important to know that when you are grateful, it is really more for you then anyone else. Why? Because any thought, feeling, or emotion you have, directly affects you. It affects your thinking, attitude, and your health, both emotional and physical. Being grateful is a form of self-care.
Have you ever met someone who is ungrateful? They complain, whine, (okay honestly I still whine a little) they are unhappy; they are victims; not aware they create their own victimization. They often fail to see the beauty, and live in the moment. They are too busy whining, to see opportunities ( won't work). They also fail to see it is a choice.
The holiday season and the New Year are approaching and this is a great time to pay attention to the people and things for which and whom you are grateful. In your thoughts of gratefulness, you will find peace, happiness, and success, for yourself.
I am grateful for the times we live in, (and flush toilets, think about that one), for the opportunities I have living in America, and the fact that I have survived. Survived... yes especially my teenage years and Vietnam, oh boy am I grateful. I am grateful for all the people in my life, even the ones with rough edges. Because when my rough edges bump into their rough edges, just like stones in a tumbler, both become smoother and polished.
I am grateful for the prosperity I know is coming to YOU, our world and me. By our being prosperous we will show others the way.
I am grateful for the courage you and I will find to live our lives our way and again to teach others to do the same by example.
I am grateful for each and every one of you!
Thank You
May you have peace and prosperity
Happy Holidays

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