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You will hear me talking about beliefs over and over again because they're so important in our lives. Our destinies are created by our beliefs.
Here's an interesting example, from Bob Dylan's book Chronicles, that demonstrates the power of beliefs. This story takes place in New York City when Dylan was in his early 20s—long before he became famous, when he was playing anywhere and everywhere he could.
 “I was playing on a makeshift platform in the lobby of a building with the usual wild activity of people milling about, and no one was paying much attention.  Suddenly, the doors burst open and in came Gorgeous George himself [apparently a 1960s professional wrestling icon].  He roared in like the storm, didn't go to the backstage area, he came right through the lobby of the building…. He brushed by the makeshift stage and glanced toward the sound of music....He didn't break stride, but he looked at me, eyes flashing with moonshine. He winked and seemed to mouth the phrase, "You're making it come alive.
 “Whether he really said it or not, it didn't matter. It's what I thought I heard him say that mattered, and I never forgot it. It was all the recognition and encouragement I would need for years to come. Sometimes that's all it takes, the kind of recognition that comes when you're doing the thing for the thing's sake and you're on to something—it's just that nobody recognizes it yet."
It didn’t matter whether Gorgeous George said it or not, Bob Dylan believed…and that belief carried him through.
Look at your beliefs. What do you believe? Are your beliefs serving you? Do you need more positive beliefs?
I think we all do. Find A Way to add more positive beliefs to your subconscious mind. Change your beliefs and create what you want.
Someone once said, “If you want to know what your beliefs are, take a look at your life and see what you have created.”