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Changing Bad to Good

It All Depends On How You Look At Things.

How we change the bad to good depends greatly on the way we look at things. I grew up in a very severe alcoholic family. Alcohol drove my father to be brutal - emotionally and physically. I lived in a home where speaking your mind could lead to injury, at best, or constant harassment and mental torture, at worst. Many times we had to flee our home to the safety of the neighbors and await the arrival of the State Police.

As you can imagine, when I grew older, I avoided the house as much as possible, landing there only to sleep, hoping that the old man had passed out. And as an adult, I completely avoided my parents' home.

As I grew and developed personally and did some inner work, in some ways I began to be actually grateful for my life experiences on several levels:

  • I was glad to be away from my father; for that I was very grateful.
  • I thought, "Hey, I went through all that, so I paid my dues. Life will be a cakewalk from here on."
  • My ability to work, my work ethic, and the amazing people skills I had to learn in order to survive around my father have served me well over the years in my business career.

Yes, it was tough, and painful, and would I change any of it if I had the power? Yes...maybe...I don't know. But since I can't, I'll be happy and grateful for what I learned, and the skills and drive I have acquired, and just say thank you.

The bad times... It is all in how you look at it.

Find A Way.

~ Dennis