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We mostly think of courage as some magnanimous or noble action. And that is correct. Yet, there is another way to view courage and that is in terms of one's personal development. It takes courage to become a better human being, a more productive person, a kinder person. Courage is knowing how to take care of ourselves so we can teach others how to take care of themselves. The only way to lead is by example.
What is the make-up of personal courage? It is the courage to:
Set goals
Make a plan
Follow your plan
Take action
Do what is right
To be fair and kind
Take care of yourself (emotionally, physically, to continue learning, to grow and development)
To tell your child no and show them the way
To follow your path
To do what you need to do
To recognize your strengths and capabilities
To recognize your weaknesses
To ask for what you need
To take risks ( large and small)
To live every day of your life to the fullest
To tell people what they need to hear (in a way they can hear it)
To live your life your way
To find what you want
To stand up for you
To feel the fear and do it anyway!
If you do the above, and I believe you can, you have courage. If you work at doing these things, even though sometimes you may fail or stumble in the process, you have courage. Failure is not a lack of courage... failing to attempt is. Find your Courage daily.

Find A Way