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Have you ever gone to a car show? You're walking along the rows of fine-looking classics cars, and then you see a car you think is awesome, beautiful! The owner is standing proudly by his work. You say, "What a beautiful car!" He smiles, says thank you, and begins to tell you a little about what went into the restoration.
But, usually within a couple of minutes, he begins to show you what is wrong with the car. "Oh, look underneath here... No way, wayyyy under, way back there... You see this scratch? That ding? That dent?" he says. "It's not perfect..." - as if anything is or could be perfect.
Just like those cars, we aren't perfect either. We all have dents, dings, and scratches. And all too often we spend far too much time focusing on them, thinking about them, pointing them out to others, or letting the fact that we have a dent or two slow us down or stop us. As if others don't have them, too; as if others are perfect.
Fact is, we all make mistakes; we all have dents. It's called being human. The goal is to learn how to work around them. Somewhere along the way you learn to gradually pound those dents out, make them smaller.
Pay attention. Be sure you are focusing on your good stuff, and keep moving forward despite those couple of dents. Understand the "best of the best" have dents, too, and they move forward and learn and pound them out as they go. They continually improve. They don't let a few dents stop them.
The only way you can improve is to keep moving forward. As you do, you will still make mistakes and find a few new, albeit smaller, dents. That's part of the process. Remember, for many people it is too easy to offset or overlook one's gifts and talents by focusing on one's dents.
Focus on your good stuff, and keep hammering out the dents.

Find A Way