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Do You Believe In Magic?

Remember this one, "Don't go swimming until an hour after you eat or you will get cramps and drown"? To this day, I have never heard of this happening to anyone...have you?
Which of these beliefs have you been bombarded with?

  • It takes money to make money. (So why try)
  • No use in trying.
  • If you pick up frogs, you will get warts.
  • If you make funny faces, your face could freeze. (Maybe you will get winkles)
  • When you finish high school or college you don't have to learn anymore.
  • Everything has been invented.
  • The world is flat. (Oh...sorry that was Columbus' time)
  • Rich (successful) people are mean and greedy.
  • Rich (successful) people are dishonest. That's how they got rich.

Why do I bring this up? Well, because these are just a few examples of common beliefs many people hold on to. (However, most of us do know the world is not flat...I hope!)
What does this mean for you? Holding on to beliefs that don't serve you, stop you.
Let's examine the beliefs about being rich, or as some people might say, being filthy rich. Hmmm, interesting. And how about those other adjectives to describe the rich-greedy, mean, dishonest, selfish.
Let me ask you this: Would you want to be called greedy, mean, dishonest, selfish, or a filthy rich person? If you harbor these beliefs, values, and thoughts in your subconscious mind, do you think your mind will use its power to help you be rich? Not likely. If you have thoughts or beliefs that are counterproductive or counter to your stated goals, to whatever you think you might desire, your subconscious will not allow you to have it.
How about if I said, rich people work hard, are generous, and help other people by example, inspiration, and giving? Now that is someone most of us would want to be.
So, think I am nuts? Try this. Take a sheet of paper and over the next few days think about your beliefs about being rich, successful, or any other subject you choose. Think about what your parents, grandparents, friends, coaches, peers, or others have said about your chosen subject. Even within the broad-based culture-yes, there is a global view that you have inherited. Pick as many different subjects as you want...your job, education, talents, career path-anything that affects your life. (To make it more interesting, do it with a partner, or group or get some input).
Take your time. Once you think you are close to completion, divide the list into pros and cons. Now which list is longer? Do you need to change your thinking, words, and beliefs so you can have the success you want?
I am not going to ask you if you can change... because the answer is yes, you can. If you want to and believe you can, you can Find A Way. The question is will you?
Find A Way