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Expand Your Consciousness

Over the past several months, I have been slowly reading Ernest Holmes book, Law and Love. Holmes was a leading teacher in Science of Mind metaphysics in the mid-twentieth century. His philosophy was simple: change your thinking and change your life. As I write, read, learn, observe people (including myself), and talk with others, I've come to the same conclusion. Life is thought and thought is life. It is that simple. In fact, it is so simple that we don't believe it. We ignore our thoughts or pay thinking little or no attention. William James (1842-1910) considered the father of modern American psychology concurred: "The greatest discovery of our generations is that we can change our life by changing our attitude."
Anyway back to Holmes. He wrote, "Remember, if you want to get a big thing, you have to expand your consciousness so you will be ready to receive it if it were to come to you."

You have to change your thinking to be ready; you cannot expand into bigger until you change your thinking.
Ever notice when you start to think big success, I mean really BIG success, you (and I) immediately back it down a notch or two to adjust your thinking to a level you can accept, where you feel comfortable?
This is what it is all need to expand your thinking beyond even your wildest imagination. This way, you will be able to accept big, really big, outcomes. Write this on stickie notes, index cards, your computer screen saver: Think Bigger than Before, THINK BIG!
Start increasing your desire, goals, wants. Let yourself think beyond what you have dreamed possible. Your dreams and goals should be so big they scare you. And that's okay. You'll get use to it as you expand your consciousness.
It's okay to think big, to be and think vast, and to let yourself dream and have great success. When you do well, you make room for others to be big too. You show them the way, you teach them. You serve no one by thinking small.
Expand your consciousness and be ready for the results. Think BIG. Act BIG. If you think bigger, you will act bigger and you will be BIGGER!

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