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Faster Pace

Ever notice that when you walk with someone who has a faster pace, you walk faster, and when you walk with someone with a slower pace, you walk slower?

When I used to play racquetball I was a solid B player. When I played with a C player, my game slowed down. I got lazy, didn't focus as much, and didn't make shots that I would have made normally. I also noticed I didn't have the energy and enthusiasm that I had when I played another B player. On the other hand, when I played with an "A" player, I had to hustle and step up my game just to look respectable, and there were many times I didn't. I did however get a great workout, surprising myself with some great shots, taking more risks, having more energy, enthusiasm, and fun. I played at a faster pace because I had to, I needed to, and I felt better.

This is a basic concept. In order to get better, you have to go at a faster pace, hang out with people who will cause you to push yourself, and you know what? You will feel better, more alive. Even if afterwards you limp a little, need a whirlpool and some BENGAY, it's worth it!

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