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Fear Keeps People Ordinary

Yes... this is true. The biggest obstacle you have is you and your fear, it is part of every man and woman. The funny thing is, fear is nothing more than a thought, usually about something that hasn’t happened, or might happen. Most of your fears were thrust upon you before you had anything to say about it. We learn fears. In fact, our fears are generational, inherited - this is what makes them so innocuous. We don't even realize that a fear has developed in ourselves. You pick up fears from your parents, and they picked up these fears from your grandparents, and so on. The process of inheriting fears carries on and on until someone breaks the cycle. And that someone will be you.

Think about this, if I were to say to you, “you can do anything you want, have anything you want,” most of you would say, “Dennis you’re crazy." I'm not. It's your fear that’s telling you I am crazy, not you. Why? Because that’s what you have been taught by others who are afraid. The people who have taught you this fallacy think they are keeping you from failing or being disappointed. Except that you can’t win if you don’t make the attempt. And so, you often agree with what you have been taught because it’s safe and keeps you in your comfort zone. However, it also keeps you ordinary. It keeps you from being the extraordinary successful being you are, or you could be.

Throughout my life, I have met many, many extraordinary people. And you know what? They are just people, like you and me. Except for one thing, they have pushed through their fears again and again. With each success comes a new level, new challenges, and new fears. This process, as many of you know, is called growth.

You have far more ability and potential than you've ever used. I do believe the more challenges you overcome, the more you beat your fears, and the easier things get. So anything you do to build yourself up in one area will help you in others. Say, for example, public speaking - it’s scary for most people, but once you master it you become more confident and then it’s on to the next thing. Remember, the only people who are not afraid are in the cemetery.

Fear doesn't want you to rock the boat. Fear keeps you stuck and it keeps you ordinary. I want you to be extraordinary.

Here is something that will help: think about what you want. If it is something you don't have, ask, "Why don't I have this?" Now listen…listen carefully to your answer and then ask, again, "Why?" When you get that answer, repeat the process. Ask why again and again; keep asking why until you get down to the root cause. Often times, you'll find that the root of your fears may be groundless or meaningless. In fact, one thing fear hates is having the question, "Why?" asked, because it takes away all the power that fear possesses. Without the power you give your fears, fear can no longer keep you ordinary.

Enter this practice courageously and continuously. In this process you will discover the truth and it will truly set you free. Fear will no longer keep you ordinary. Extraordinary people don’t have more talent, ability, intelligence, or less fear. They just learn to handle fear rather than letting fear handle them.

Don’t let fear keep you ordinary…be extraordinary….because you already are.

FInd A Way.