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Few Will Follow

As I talk to people about building a successful life and I watch what they do to manifest that success, I am still amazed how success is truly so much easier than we think or want to believe it is. Oh, don't get me wrong, it does take effort...that is, setting goals, planning, work, adjusting, and sometimes starting over. But if you do these things, the odds are in your favor. As the saying goes: "Success leaves tracks."

Over the past 100 years there have been books, workshops, seminars, CDs and DVDs, touting how to do or accomplish most everything. So what amazes me is why so few people follow the rules or principles laid out for them. It's like a successful franchise. Someone takes a successful business formula and puts it into a usable format. All a franchisee has to do is follow the plan and they will mostly likely be successful. And guess what? It does work 92% of the time. Pretty good odds, right?

One day I was helping a friend clean his garage. As I was moving boxes into the truck, I noticed a stack of small, green boxes piled in the back of the garage. The boxes were filled with books and videos about creating financial wealth in real estate. They looked interesting, so I took a closer look. As I rummaged through I found a yellow invoice for a workshop and materials. The invoice was for $1,495-a nice chunk of change, yet a good personal investment in the future. After all, what's $1,495 compared to the untold riches that could be had from working the secrets, the magic laid out for anyone to follow?

And then I was shocked by my next realization. The books and videos were still in the clear, cellophane wrappers. Unopened. All those secrets, all that information about the path to success was untouched, untapped. He had made the initial investment, but he had not invested himself in the process.

So why do so few follow? The answers are myriad. But the question today is: are you following a path to a successful life and will you continue down the road? Whatever you want to do, most likely someone has done it before you. Someone has already cleared the pathway for you.

Find the path. Find your path. Find A Way.

~ Dennis