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Flip Negative Self-Talk

Risk-Taking and Self-Talk

Negative self-talk comes into play, most often when we are taking risks, or even thinking about taking the slight risk. This can trigger all the "what ifs".... and the "I can'ts." This is when all of the messages from the past really seem to pop up; the messages we have been bombarded with from the time children. The messages about risk;
Starting a business is risky
Investing in stocks is risky
Buying real state is risky
Writing a book is risky
Sales jobs are risky
You'd better.... (watch your step, find something safe, don't take chances)
Rather then listen to the negative self talk in your head, flip it and say to yourself:

I should; say I can
I hope; say I will
It's not my fault; say I'm responsible for my life
It's a problem; say it's an opportunity
Life is a struggle; life is an adventure
This is terrible; this is a learning experience
If only; say next time
It's hopeless; say I will find ways to open new doors
This is a bitter experience; say I want to learn and grow from the experience
This is hard; I can do hard things
I missed out; new doors will open.
When the thoughts tell you everything except keeping the status quo is risky, think maintaining the status quo is the biggest risk of all. Not only can not taking risk be damaging to your financial future but to your soul, and your sense of being. We are meant to be challenged, to learn and grow.
In the final line of Alfred Tennyson's poem, Ulysses says it succinctly, our destiny is: "to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield "
Flip it and Find A Way