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Flip Your Switch

You can change your mind and your attitude with just a flip of a switch...and you control that switch!

It was 6:00 AM on Friday and I jumped out of bed, showered and was ready to go, just like every other day, I was excited about the new day. Except this Friday morning I had to attend a networking group meeting. I wasn't excited; I have been doing this type of stuff for decades. Yes, decades.

As I whined to myself and thought of ways to blow the event off, I thought...Hey, wait. You teach people how to be successful, have fun, and have a good attitude...Ah... maybe you should try this stuff on yourself. So I did! I flipped the switch and told myself I would make this fun and productive and it was, as I was the last one to leave.

It's amazing how quickly we can change our attitude. It's all about flipping that switch...Try it, I think you'll like it.

Flip your switch and change your attitude.

Find A Way,