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Four Letter Words

Success is not a four letter word. Yet many of the things that we need to do to live the life we want are four letter words. Such as:
Goal: without goals and objectives what you do on a day to day basis doesn't matter. How would you know and be able to do what is important if you didn't know what was important? If you have no goals then what you spend your time doing today, or how you spend money isn't important; it doesn't really matter.
Plan: When you have goals you need to know how you will reach them. This is where your plan comes in to play. You need a plan, a list of steps you can take towards your goals. It is your map.
Work: Yes this is a big four letter word and a necessary one. You can't achieve anything without work; although many have tried. Keep in mind work isn't a bad thing. It doesn't have to be drudgery, even if it may seem so at times. It seems to me the more work we do the easier it gets.
Look: The world is full of options and opportunities for those who are looking. It would be had to drive from home to work without passing by 5, 10, 20 or more opportunities. The key is to have goals and plans, then look for opportunity.
Keep: we have to keep moving; yes this is a big one. Too often people stop and stall, give up. This is one of the most important four letter words. Why? Because this is often where people use another ugly four letter word; QUIT. Find A Way to keep going no matter what.
Deed: A deed is an action. If you are to be successful in life it is important to do as many deeds as you can. Take as much action as you can. What are some of the actions you can take? Writing goals, making plans, starting, learning, reading, asking for help, taking more action.
Live: Live each day to the fullest. You don't get a second chance.
Done: When you are done with today whatever the outcome, you're done. Move on. This is why it is importation to take each day and work, play, live and love.
Pain: We can't avoid pain. The biggest pain we have is fear. Fear is another powerful four letter word which causes more damage then all the rest.
Help: Yes just like the Beatles said "I get by with a little help from my friends." Many times in your life you may need help. Ask for what you need. The great teachers have said "Ask and you shall receive." We all need help, a pair of extra hands, an extra mind or two, new fresh ideas. And this also brings to mind two more important words that can come from helpers. A Kick in the Butt.
Mind: Your mind is an incredible tool. Use it, exercise it, take advantage of it's power. Your mind and your imagination can and will create wonderful success if you pay attention and work with it.

~ Dennis