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Get Back On Track

"Obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes off our goals."

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Roosevelt was certainly on to something here. But I'd like to add a few words to her keen observation.... Obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes off the goal for too long.

You see, we all get off track-side-tracked-at times. You may recall that I wrote about this before in Keep On Keeping On, my essay about getting back on track. When we get side-tracked, we need to get back on track towards our goals as quickly as possible, thus eliminating some of the obstacles Roosevelt talks about.

One such obstacle is the loss of momentum. It is momentum that keeps us going when undertaking any task, especially a long-term one. Like a train getting up to speed, it begins slowly, building up speed from a rolling start rather than from a standstill, a complete stop.

The longer we are off track, off task from having stopped, the hard it becomes to get started. Sure, it's easy to find worthwhile reasons why we can't restart our drive towards our goals. But like the train, if you just starting moving slowly and progressively towards your goal, your momentum will build and it will become easier to forge ahead.

Keep this simple fact in mind:

  • The longer we wait, the longer we stand still, the harder it is to start.
  • What can you do to get back on track, to keep moving?
  • Write you goals and review then frequently
  • Know yourself and what you can do, what motivates you
  • Support, support, support-find a goal buddy, get a coach, join a group
  • Plan for it; make an action plan to get yourself going
  • Listen and read motivating materials

Remind yourself YOU CAN, if you truly want to.... You can Find A Way.

~ Dennis