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Gold Buddy

Yes, that's right, Gold Buddy, aka Goal Buddy. Why Gold Buddy? Because when you have a Goal Buddy, your dreams and goals can turn into Gold. The right goal buddy will help you by giving you input; your buddy will see things you can't or won't, and help you find options. He or she will provide you with accountability and support, and you will do the same for your buddy.
Very few people can to do it totally on their own with no support. Achievement is often a team sport. As hard as it may seem at times to work with others, going it alone is often harder. A goal buddy may tell us things we don't want to hear. At times, it may seem that he or she knows you better than you know yourself. And, in turn, you will know your buddy. Even if you are lying to yourself, your buddy will see through it and tell you. Sure, it can be uncomfortable, but when you get uncomfortable-when you are held accountable, when you have input and options-you grow and flourish, and do so faster.
It is time to revisit your goals and dreams. And it is a good time to find a Gold Buddy. Are you ready? Will you take action now?
You can have multiple Goal Buddies:

  • A workout-exercise buddy
  • A work buddy
  • A sales partner
  • A business buddy
  • A marketing buddy

Have as many as you want, as long as it works for you.
Where to find Goal Buddies

  • The gym
  • Work (current and former employers)
  • Groups (Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Lions clubs, Weight Watchers)
  • Sales groups at seminars or workshops
  • Your church
  • People in similar companies or businesses (non-competing)
  • School, high school, college, technical schools
  • Networking groups
  • Sports you now do or that you want to participate in

Neighbors (can make good walking/exercise buddies)
Find the Gold