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Happy New Year Again!

Step 2:
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My number one goal in 2018 is to get more help, more support and lots of it. Also known as kicks in my butt. Even though I have written about this before, it is so important I will bore you again. We tend to understate the value of a Team, a Goal Buddy, Coach, or Mastermind Group (see Find A Way Chapter 10). Having a support team is the most important and the most under utilized tool in our success tool bag.

Why is it so underutilized? Well...because it's scary. Yes, it is scary to let others in, especially if there is a chance you will make a mistake or fail. We all make mistakes and surprise! Making mistakes is a major factor in increasing your value, it's called experience. It's much easier to deny the truth and run though life Willy Nilly believing we are doing our best. My experience is that too often I could do better so I know we all can. This is when our team can step in and remind us of how great we can be, and to encourage us. As the famous writer Eric Hoffer said "we lie loudest when we lie to ourselves."
Support will give us two things: # 1 accountability: (oh my... that is worst than lions and tigers and bears) and, #2 encouragement: let's look at the word encourage. It means to have courage put in you. And sometimes we need that, at least until we get charged up again on our own. Both accountability and encouragement are crucial to our continued growth and success.
2018 is here. Make a VOW (Voice Of Winners) to turn your resolutions into reality. How? Continual small steps, keep moving, and find support. It works!

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