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I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening! How are you all today?
This week's topic, "I get by with little help from my friends." Sound familiar? These are the words from a famous Beatles song. Sometimes we don't realize it but we all get by or get better will help from our friends. The friends may be family, co-workers, spouses, buddies, editors, coaches, mentors, or groups of people who provide you with support and nudges.
If you want to grow you have to Find A Way to grow. Good friends who tell you the truth are a tremendous help along the way. And they will definitely help you to grow. But sometimes it may require that you go outside of your normal group to find help. By that I mean seek professional help, whether it be a financial person, a mentor, a coach a strategist, an editor-someone who is at a different level and who can help you get to the next level.
I recently hired a speech coach. Even though I'm a member of Toastmasters and have been growing a great deal in my Toastmasters club, there comes a point when even the most seasoned Toastmasters have reached their limits in their ability to help you improve. The choice then becomes: stay the same or take a step forward, even if it's scary. And trust me, it is scary.
Any time you put yourself out there it's scary, whether it be speaking, athletics, dance, writing, education, finance, investing, or business. What counts is your desire, your commitment to grow, to continually expand yourself. To stick with it even when you know someone will be making demands of you, pushing you, pushing you more than you thought you could be pushed. And yes, you will have fears, you will have to spend time and energy, and you may need to invest money in yourself. All of this is the price that each of us must pay to, as the Army says, "Be all that you can be."
If you have doubts, as we all do, think about the price you'll pay if you don't better yourself. Then Find A Way...

Find A Way