Dennis McCurdy's Find A Way
Get What You Want, Get What You Deserve.

It's Easy To Say We Will

It's Harder To Do

We've all made resolutions; we've all made statements about what we intend to do. And then we do little-to-nothing of what we said we'd do. Those goals seem to slip-slide quietly away. And we hope no one notices, remembers, or reminds us about what we said we wanted to do.

If we truly want more from life, we have to do more, give more, Find More Ways to achieve our goals. Often this means getting out of our own way. That's right. We are usually our own biggest obstacle. Come on, know it's true. But, hey, don't feel bad; don't beat yourself up. We all do it from time to time.

Taking action to maneuver around the obstacles is what counts. Examining what got in our way the last time and then Finding A Way a different way to go about it is what counts, too.

Make no bones about it. It takes GUTS to tackle those obstacles.

  • Goals and a plan
  • Unrelenting spirit
  • Time, energy, and sometime money
  • Support

Support is a vitally important element, someone who offers encouragement and the occasional kick in the ...motivation. Support will help you build accountability. Left to our own devices, its easy fool others (and ourselves) that we are doing all we can do. This is why support and accountability are key.

Who is on your support team? Don't accept namby-pamby supporters. You deserve better, and so do your goals and dreams. (Tip: if you are someone else's won't be doing him or her any favors if you baby them and don't hold them accountable.)

If you can't find a support team, then hire a coach. Most people will think, "Oh, I could never do that" or "A coach is too expensive." Let me ask you...aren't your goals worth it? Isn't your success worth it? Aren't you worth it? The answer is yes!!!! Spend whatever time, energy, and investment necessary to make your goals happen. It will be worth it.

Here are two of my favorite Chinese Proverbs:

"It is not how slow you go that matters, it matters only of you stop."

"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the next best time is today."

And I'll close with the words of Martin Luther King Jr. "Take the first step in faith; you don't have to see the whole Staircase, just take the first step "

Now is the time to take the first step. You know can. Find A Way.

~ Dennis