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It's Not the Goal, It's the Process

It's not the goal? What are you nuts, Dennis? Now, hold on. I'll explain it in a minute.
Too often many of us set low goals; we set goals way under our capabilities. Yet, when our goals are too low, we never discover our capabilities. People set lower goals for many reasons. A common reason is fear-fear driven by the "what if's".  "What if I don't reach my goal?" "What if I fail" "What if I succeed...then what?"
Yet, if our goals are too low, we experience very little growth. While we may reach those small goals, there is sometimes little satisfaction in goals we reach too easily. And, more importantly, there a few lessons learned. In some ways, many of us have forgotten that. We are too focused on finding the quick and easy way.
Let me give you a personal example. I set a goal to sell 5,000 copies of my book Find A Way. What will I have to do to sell 5,000 books? Realistically, this is not a very hard task. Now suppose I shake off my fears, and declare a goal of 500,000 books. Well, that's a horse of a different color! What will I have to do then? First, I will have to change my thinking, which is the most important part anyway. I must change my thinking about who I sell to, how I market, what engagements I will accept, how much time I will devote, and many, many other tasks.
When we change our goals, we change how we think. And when we change how we think, we get better results. Now suppose things dodn't work out quite the way I want and I sell 250,000 books. Would that be such a bad thing? What if I only sell 100,000? Hmmmm, that's still 20 times more than my original goal! And what have I learned in the process? I learned how to do things differently, how to view things on a larger scale, how to take on bigger challenges, how to think bigger. I grow from the process: I benefit from the goal.
So set your goals high enough to ensure your growth!

Find A Way