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Or Someone Else Will

If I don't do it, someone else will. So why not you?
Sometimes... no, actually many times, the only difference between being successful or not being successful is one simple reason. Just one, you say? Yes. Just one! And I'll let you in on the "Secret." Are you ready? Okay, here it is...
People who are successful do something about it; they take action. Too many of us sit on the sidelines waiting, wondering, watching, waiting...and waiting some more. And guess what happens then? Someone else does what we wanted to do. Someone who is no different then us; someone with no more talent, money, or education than us. Well, maybe they are wiser. Why? Because they do something, and keep doing it.
And what do we say? "Ah, shucks! Missed out again!"
So what can you do? It's simple: Start! Make a plan; take small steps every day...yes every day. Get help. How?
There are many people who will help you, if you ask. I am not kidding. How do I know? Because if someone walked into my office and said, "I want to be in this type of business 30 miles from you, no competing. Will you talk with me, guide me?" I would say two things: "One, will you do the work? And, two, will you do something with what I teach you? If the answers are yes, then I will help. All you had to do was ask."
This morning, I was meeting with my friend Margo Chevers. As we were leaving, I said, "I am working on a sales workshop. Do you know where I can find a workbook or outline?" And Margo said, "I'll send you a copy of mine."
See? It works!
So ask, then do something. That's all it takes.