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Peanut Butter

Jason and a friend decided to vacation together. They agreed to split the cost of the room and all general expenses, including some food items. At the end of the trip, Jason told his friend, "We have some peanut butter left. Looks like only a tablespoon or so was eaten." Then Jason said, "I'll sell my half to you for $1.17."
Let me be clear: Jason is a very nice person. Some people may call him little thrifty; others might call him downright cheap. The problem is Jason operates with a scarcity mentality. Now, some may say that it is good to be thrifty, and I would agree. Wasting money is silly, but when "being thrifty" for the wrong reasons becomes who you are, and it is not healthy.
A belief in lack can manifest in two ways: 1) You believe there isn't enough or that you can't have more; and 2) as a lack of belief in yourself and your ability to create what you need.
Whatever you believe becomes self-fulfilling. I find it strange and disturbing that in a country full of abundance and opportunity, many have a prevailing sense of lack. Prosperity and abundance is there for those who will move towards it, who have the correct beliefs, or who are willing to correct their self-defeating beliefs.
Some people, like my friend Jason, develop a hoarder's mentality that actually prevents them from living in abundance. For example, Jason has been in the real estate business for 20-plus years. Yet, other than his home, he owns no real estate! Doesn't that strike you as odd? This is a person who tells others, that real estate is a great long-term investment. Jason needs to change his thinking; then he would see that opportunities everywhere. He would Find A Way to live more abundantly.
No matter how much evidence to the contrary, we sometimes let fear overrun the truth that opportunities, growth, and abundance are everywhere. Set your sights high and set yourself free. Believe in YOU.
Remember, it has to do with your focus. Are you focused on abundance or scarcity? Believe that you can create abundance. Believe in your ability, talents, gifts.
Ask yourself: Am I running from or towards abundance? Am I living a prosperity life, or a peanut butter life of scarcity? Think and Live in Abundance.

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