Dennis McCurdy's Find A Way
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ROAR for Success

Yes! ROAR!

If you want to be more successful in any part of your life, you need to ROAR.


Open - be open

Act - take action

Reward - repeat the rewards

Recognize- You are capable and can do far more than you are or let yourself believe. You need to look for and recognize opportunities. Part of recognizing is looking, seeking, and finding opportunity.

Open - It is important to be open to all opportunities. You may choose to take advantage of some opportunity and let another go. That's okay as long as you are not standing still. Be open because one opportunity can lead to another. Even opportunities you choose not to act on can yield other opportunities. Often we are standing next to an opportunity and fail to see it because we are closed. Live in a state of openness.

Act - You must take action, continuous action. Without action, recognizing opportunities and being open will not give you rewards. Action is the main ingredient in this recipe for success.

Rewards - Come from recognizing opportunities, being open, and taking action. Use this simple formula over and over and you will improve everything in your life. ROAR your way to a better life.

FInd a way,

~ Dennis