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Ready, Aim, Fire

Is it ready, aim, fire (take action) or ready, fire, aim?
Sometimes I just start doing something, without a major plan, then I adjust along the way, you know, ready... fire...aim. Why? Because too often I see people spend their life aiming. They get ready and then aim...and aim, and aim, and aim again...without ever firing. Things aren't just right (and they never will be). They might say, I am not ready, I don't know enough, I haven't got enough_______(you fill in the blank). They spend their whole life aiming, preparing, but never doing.
For example, one day I started to write a book. I had the idea, so I started writing. I write because I have things I want to say, to express. I have opinions, and a desire to share them. At the same time maybe I wasn't 100% ready. I need a little grammatical help.., but I am getting better (man I knew I should have paid more attention in English Class). But who knew I would write. I also have a few spelling issues, okay quite a few. Yet as I write they become fewer. I learn more and I improve as I write. I am on the learn-as-you-go program. Will I ever become a great speller? Hmmmm, not likely. But you see I also confused spelling with writing. While spelling is element of writing, it isn't the most important part. The thinking is, the passion to write is, and wanting to write is.
The other skills will come as I write. So what does this have to do with you and ready, fire, aim? If you spend too much time aiming, you never fire. If I stopped myself from writing because I was dangling a preposition or two; maybe I would fail to inspire someone. Which is more important, inspiring someone, encouraging them...or dangling a preposition here or there?

Do it because you want to. If you are spending too much time aiming then fire, fire, aim, and fire again. Learn from misfires, move on and fire some more.TAKE ACTION, pull the trigger on your goals.

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