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See the Cracks

A previous Find A Way talked about getting off track and getting back on track as quickly as you can. Originally, I was going write about something totally different. My topic was supposed to be See The Cracks, but I got off track.

Perhaps you've heard the saying, "Finish everything before you move in [to a new home], because once you're in, you'll never finish." What does this have to do with Cracks? An unfinished Goal is like a crack in the plaster. It is something you know is there, something that needs your attention and focus, but you never get around to tending to it. And after awhile, you don't even see the crack anymore.

When we construct or renovate a house, we usually (or should) create a punch list; items that need attention before the job is complete. Our goals, too, need a system that keeps us vigilant. If we don't pay attention, tend to their advancement, they become like "cracks in the plaster." They exist, but not in the realm of our conscious mind. They are out of sight, out of mind, which means they never get done.

Now, this may be okay for a small crack in the ceiling or wall, but it should never do for your goals. Develop a system, a way to keep those goals in the forefront of your mind. Keep them right out there where you can see them all the time. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of our dreams, our goals, of what we want to accomplish.

Have any of your dreams or goals become cracks? Are they out of sight, out of mind? Print this Find A Way (heck, print several copies) and post them were you will see them each day. Use this as a reminder to start tending to your goals.

Here is a hint. Keep your plan binder (Goals Binder) or index cards with you when you watch TV. This is a great time to work on and update your goals and to add a next action step. You can do it during the commercials.... That's about 15-20 minutes on average in an hour. Do that every day for the next 30 days and watch the magic begin to happen.

Patch the cracks and live your dreams. Go ahead...I dare you!

~ Dennis