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We are all self-employed, but few realize it. Think not? Think I am crazy?
All right, then, answer these questions. Who do you work for? Do you work solely so that your boss or company can make money and be successful?
No, you also work for you. You work for your family. You work for your goals, your dreams and comforts.
Now, here are the hard questions... When you do less work or less quality work than you are capable of, who suffers? When you stop growing, who suffers?
What if you showed up and did the best you could do each day? Who, ultimately, would benefit? What if you continually improved and learned as much as you could? Who, ultimately, would benefit? Supposed this effort resulted in more money, a promotion, recognition? Who, ultimately, would benefit? And, if you do not do those things, who, ultimately, loses?
You are your own corporation; you are a corporation of one. Now imagine you're the boss of this one-person corporation. Look at yourself as the employee, the person working in the company and give yourself a review. Ask yourself:
How do things look?

  • Am I doing the things I need to do to promote my corporation, i.e., me?
  • Am I learning?
  • Am I growing?
  • Am I becoming better?
  • Am I using my time appropriately?
  • How will my corporation fair? Is it healthy or failing?
  • Would somebody else invest in my corporation?
  • Would I invest in my own corporation?

Based on your answers, now ask yourself:

  • Are you doing the things that you need to do each day to make your corporation work?
  • If not, what do you need to do?
  • What could you do to improve?
  • How can you improve sales?
  • How can you improve revenue? Growth?
  • How can you reduce waste and overhead?
  • How can you improve morale?
  • How can you protect your corporation from creditors, from things that might hurt it?

And, finally, ask yourself:

  • Are you taking good physical care of the CEO?
  • Do you have a solid Board of Directors, or advisors?
  • What is my strategic plan to make my corporation flourish?

No one ultimately works for anyone else; each of us works for ourselves. So, how are you doing?

Find A Way