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Socrates Was a Pretty Smart Guy

Our whole process once we become adults is to examine our lives, study what works and doesn't work for us and recognize the origins of both. We examine what doesn't work for the purpose of moving forward, not for a reason to dwell, blame or make excuses. And we then can capitalize on what does work for us.
Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." Well, when you put it that way Soccy old boy (we're buddies, except he's dead, of course).
When you put yourself and some of the things you think, believe, and do, under the microscope you realize that whether positive or negative the only power they have is the power you give them. The catch is you have to honestly examine them. Once you do, you can then begin to shine your light on the things that don't work for you, to make use of your strengths. You can then begin to make the most of your strengths and move in a direction over, under, around, or through any negatives. Or, as I like to say, you Find A Way.
The process should never be about beating yourself up, but only with an eye on improving. In doing what you need to do to overcome negatives, and maximize positives.
What are the negatives I am talking about? They are your fears and doubts. It is always your fears and doubts that stop you from moving forward. You must cast a bright light on those fears and doubts and see they are only shadows; shadows that many times you created. Once you shine your light you will begin to expand and grow in ways you could have never imagined.
What you can do? Ask yourself:

  • What is the worst that could happen?
  • Can I live with it?
  • If everything were to go wrong (which usually doesn't happen except in our imagination) can I pick myself up and keep going?

Examine your fears and then examine your strengths, KNOW that you can. Believing you can is 90% of success.

Find A Way