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Standing in Our Own Way

Why is it that some people with appreciable abilities, talents, and intelligence, and living in the land of the greatest opportunity of all times, seem to stand in their own way? I once heard that the number one reason for failure in America is self-sabotage - particularly, self-defeating behaviors.

WHAT? We do it to ourselves?

How can that be, you may ask? We would much rather be told how wonderful we are as we languish and our lives slowly drain away.

We stop learning.

We learn, but don't use it.

We don't take action.

We let fear hold us back.

Come on people....

We have become the land of the weenies. I know that sentiment isn't politically correct, but frankly, I have had it up to my ears with political correctness. So, my advice is this: Get off your a - -! Use your assets instead!

Take responsibility! Face the truth! Ask for the truth, and then do something about it.

Get out of your own way. Yes, I'm talking to you. Suck It Up Cupcake. Take action NOW! This is not a rehearsal; this is your life.

Start today and do it. Whatever 'your' is.

Find A Way...Find Your Way.

Find A Way.

~ Dennis