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Stick Your Toe In

When you are thinking about your life, your dreams, about what you really would love to do, if you are like most people, the big F - - - word smacks you right in the amygdala. Yes, the old F - - - word... FEAR. Thinking about almost any challenge can bring on fear, doubt, even terror. Why... because you are in uncharted waters, in a situation that is unfamiliar to you, one in which you often have little or no experience.

Sticking your toe in is how we test the waters. Maybe the water is deep because your idea or dream is huge. When fear strikes ... think about this ...all big ventures once were small. Take, for example, Microsoft and Apple Computer. These businesses were started in someone's garage. I know many people who have started very success businesses in a garage or home office. I slept on my office couch during my second year in business because I couldn't afford an apartment.

My friend Butch (Francis) finished his engineering degree in 2007 after 17 years of going to school. His steps may have been small ones, but he did reach his goal and achieve his dream.

By sticking your toe in you are taking ACTION... and that's what you need to do. Inspiration flows through action; more action leads to more inspiration...that's how things get done.

What will you stick your toe into in 2019? Take that step towards the uncharted waters of your dreams. Come can do it. Just start small. I dare you.

~ Dennis