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Success Is Something You Attract

Success is something you attract by becoming an "attractive" person. Now, I'm not talking about looks. I'm talking about attitude. You have heard the old adages, "Success begets success" or "Water seeks its own level" or "Birds of a feather flock together." Or perhaps your parents told you to "Pick your friends wisely" because "you will be judged by the company you keep."

Another message your parents may have conveyed-not that you necessarily heard it-is that you attract success or failure based on your choices. This is what is referred to as the "Law of Attraction." It is simple and it works. Your thinking, how you act and respond to everything in life, determines everything about your life. Some people will talk about this simple "law" as if it were magic, or a "secret." It is not, although there are times when it may seem like it is magic. Remember the other laws and principles such as action, persistence, discipline, and strong values. All of these factors play a part in your becoming an attractive person.

As you become a more attractive person, people will want to share with you, be affiliated with you. And the more you learn and the more you develop, the more substance will be attracted to you. Remember, this works both ways. If you do not grow, develop, and learn, then people and opportunities of substance will not be attracted to you. How you grow (discipline and values), what you do (action), and what you don't do (inertia) will determine what you receive. If you don't knock, no one will open the door.

Just like the caterpillar cannot become the butterfly until it does the work of spinning its cocoon, you cannot spread your wings unless you do the work necessary to your personal development. You cannot, and will not, attract more in your life if you stay the same. Grow and develop continually.

Become an Attractor of a better life.

~ Dennis