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The How Will Come

"Once we decide, the universe conspires to make it happen." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
What does Emerson mean by this quotation? He means exactly what it says: "Once we (YOU) decide, the universe conspires to make it happen". It is simply our job to decide, to make a commitment, to take action and in that process not get bogged down by the How. Many of us may decide and make a commitment BUT then we immediately start thinking about the How: "how will I ever do that?" or "how will I get that done?" The How's are instantly followed by the "I don't have's": "I don't have enough time," and the "I don't have the right education," or the "I don't know anything about that." This of course immediately stops us from even considering taking further action. I will absolutely tell you. You can learn and do almost anything once YOU DECIDE.
Your job is to move past the How and start. The How's will come as you need them. The Universe will bring them to you. Just be open, accept them and take more action.
Too often we say this:
I could never do that job
I don't have the right training
I don't have the right skill set
The other person is (has more) ______ than I am (you fill it in)
I don't have a college degree
I could never learn that
Before you stop yourself, think for a minute. Ask yourself:
Have I learned new things before?
Have I overcome obstacles before?
Have I stumbled and gotten up and finished before?
Then why not now?
This may seem silly, but think about this. We have all learned how to read, write, talk, walk, ride a bike, play an instrument, drive a car, play a game. Each one of these was new at one time and yet we did it, we learned it. I sure you don't remember how many times you fell before you walked, but I would wager more then once. Did you worry about how? No, you pulled yourself back up and did it again.
Decide, take action, and keep taking action. Be open and let the universe do its job, it will find the How's for you. Skip the HOW and start NOW.

Find A Way