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Think You Can

Around the turn of the century, a young man had a big idea, a new concept. He had a product he wanted to build and he felt he could do it better, faster and cheaper than the current manufacturers. This man already had a good career as a successful engineer. He was already earning $25 a month, which was good pay for the times. When he told his father his idea about building a factory, his father replied, "You have a good job, you make good money, just forget this foolishness. Settle down and live your life."

His father also said, "Son, by the time you get this factory idea off the ground, everyone in the world who needed what you want to sell them will already have one, so you are wasting your time."

The name of that young engineer was Henry Ford. Henry Ford is famous for saying "Think you can, think you can't... either way, you are right."

And he is right. Henry Ford found a way. So can you.

Find A Way .