Dennis McCurdy's Find A Way
Get What You Want, Get What You Deserve.


Fear is always what stops us and most fear is in our imagination....change your thinking, and imagine good results.

Excuses are usually stories you tell yourself or make up to protect yourself...usually if you really wanted to do something you can.... take responsibility.

Everything begins as an idea, as a thought, and those thoughts create things.

Think about the things you use every day, like a car, computer, cell phone. How many of them existed 100 years ago, 20 years ago, 5 years ago? Opportunity is always there. You simply have to use your imagination and take action.

Once you give your subconscious mind the information to create something or fix any problem, or give it a request for an idea....stop... relax...let your subconscious mind do the work ...the answer will come. Your job is to be open.

Find A Way.

~ Dennis