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We are all given the same amount of time 24 hours in the day and we also have been given a tremendous amount of distractions, more and more and more each year, it's a constant battle. A battle for what? A battle for yourself and who you, really, want to be and what you want to do.

You may have heard the saying that I am Elon Musk, and Bill Gates and everyone else gets the same amount of time each day. The question is how do you fill the time or use the time? Do you waste time doing you do meaningless tasks? Do you make molehills into mountains and then divert your attention to the molehills. I know this is hard sometimes, I have a hard time controlling my time actually it isn't controlling my time is controlling my behavior, because we can't control time. We can only control our behavior.

Everyone gets the same, so how we use it, what we put into it, determines the value we get. So that being said what can you do to maximize your time? I recently read a book by Nick Murray who is one of the financial planner's most popular guru. He had said, "a planner should NOT do any job around the workplace that is valued under $50 an hour." He said you shouldn't be touching it and for many of us especially people like me who started from nothing where every job in the business was my job, from cleaning the bathrooms to on making photocopies and selling and running the business. Many of those things are easy, safe, comfortable, I am talking about cleaning the bathroom.

BUT, we can get lost in thin things, things that don't matter. We need to understand that we can't do everything, do it all. This is why I have people to work with me and I can delegate those things and use my time better. Funny thing is, they do most of those other things better than me anyway. What stops us from doing this? I think sometimes it's fear. Fear stops us, okay me, from doing the bigger things and not letting go. The little things feel safe and easy. We (I) do those things something to avoid the scary stuff. And it is that scary stuff that will help me to succeed and be better. I mean cleaning the bathroom is predictable, it's safe, I know what the results are and what I'm need do, and no rejection. I could go out and knock on doors, go to a networking event, call someone and risk getting rejected, it's complicated and it is also really important to pay attention to. Pay attention to your motives, your fears fed by your beliefs., they are often hidden in your reasons, aka excuses.

Here is another reason, albeit I think it is buried deep in our subconscious mind, beliefs. A lot of us, I am included, carry that "who do think you are Mr. big shot" syndrome "you think you are too good to do this" or "oh, you're too good to do that so who do you think you are." Yes, we are the same as everyone else and then again on we some levels we are better. If you have worked hard, put in the effort, been smart about things, used your time well, you are better on some levels, a reality check that is just the truth. Most people who have more, are worth more, simply because they are continually to do more or do better, by learning, risking, adding value to themselves and the world.

Earning, notice I said earning not making money if you make money you go to jail you must earn it and you earn it by becoming more valuable. Becoming more value is usually a matter of using your time well, not wasting it. Remember what Seneca said, "it isn't that life is short it is that we waste most of it." (as an aside, I just lost 15 minutes for nothing on Facebook...the time stealer).

It always comes back to this and I will repeat over and over. Paying attention to your behaviors what you do, and what you don't do tells the real story what risks you take what risk you won't take. I'm talking about jumping off a cliff without a parachute, but risks that stop us in small ways for example on asking someone for a date, not making videos for your website, signing up for a gym program and staying committed, to read, or develop healthy eating habits, making cold calls or walk-ins, writing your book or next book, taking dance lessons, learned to play an instrument, starting a small business even a part-time on the side whatever it is you have to go into your beliefs and see why you top yourself.

USE your time well, fill it with things that will improve you, increase your value, always remember your best investment is in you, your time, money, effort.