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Time To Plant

I know what you're thinking. Plant? Plant what? Those aren't the kind of seeds I have been thinking about planting. In fact January is the perfect time for you to plant my kind of seeds. The seeds I am talking about are your ideas, dreams, your vision and your goals.

Your ideas and dreams are your seeds and now is the best time to plant for the year ahead. The days are short and the nights long so use this time to your advantage. Plant your seeds so you they will begin to germinate in your mind and spirit. Begin to believe you can make them happen. Over the next few weeks think about what you want to accomplish in 2019, and beyond.

If you want to reap much you have to have a bold vision and goals. After all, you have an entire year to fertilize, water, till and weed the garden where you have planted your seeds.

Your ideas are your seeds. Faith and action are your fertilizer and water.


  • Set aside some time to work on your "Life Vision, Goals-Your Seeds"
  • Taking some time away to think and plan can be productive and fun
  • Talk about it with anyone involved and your mentors/coaches
  • Keep pad and pen with you always to jot down ideas

I believe one of the most important seeds you can plant is the idea of finding a Goal Buddy, Mentor, or Mastermind Group. If you're serious then this can be an incredible experience and an important tool in your success tool shed. This concept will move you forward, and will move the other person or group forward.

Get going-start today!

Best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago; the next best time is today ~Old Chinese saying

~ Dennis