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We Ought to Be

I know many people who say we shouldn't "should ourselves." Yet, I think that if we don't question ourselves at least a little bit, we won't grow. Sometimes we need to be uncomfortable so that we will take action. I'm not saying beat yourself up or allow your past to stop you. I mean just feel a little pain, a little discomfort, as a reminder to move forward.

So fasten your seat belts! This week's 'thought' could be rough. But in the end, I think you'll say, "Thanks! I needed that."

Orison Swett Marden, (Founder of Success Magazine in 1897) on page 75 of his book, He Who Thinks, Can, wrote: "Aspiration is the hand that points us to the road that runs heavenward. As your vision is, so will your life be. Your better dream is a prophecy of what your life may be, ought to be."

He went on to write: "The greatest thing is to try to fashion the life after the pattern shown us in the moment of our highest inspiration; to make our highest moment permanent. We are all conscious that the best we do is but a sorry apology for what we ought to do... might do. The average man is but a burlesque of the sublime man his creator intended him to be. We certainly were made for something larger, grander, and more beautiful than we are. We have a feeling that what we are is out of keeping with -- does not fit -- the larger, greater life-plan which the Creator patterned for us; that it is mean, sordid, stingy, and pinched compared to the pattern of that divine man shown us in the moment of our highest vision.

"It is this creative power of the imagination, these dreams of the dreamers made good that will ultimately raise man to his highest power."

The Golden age lies onward, not behind

The pathway through the past has led us up:

The pathway through the future will lead on, and higher.

Find your highest and best you.

~ Dennis