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What Are You Creating Today

Your life is not static. With each moment of each day, you create your life. How do you do this? You create your life with every thought. Your life is thought in action. Some thoughts become positive actions; some thoughts block action. But regardless of the type of thought, each one does create something. You can create joy, happiness, anger, frustration.

What I find interesting is that most people pay little attention to their creative power and to the notion that they have the ability to change; they have a choice about how and what they will create.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I want to create for myself today?
  • What have a created so far?
  • Do I want/need to change what I am creating?

Today is your day. You won't get a repeat. And while things may happen that you have little control over, what you can control are your thoughts, your response to a situation. Truth is, many things will happen no matter what you think or feel. So why not feel good? Think good thoughts and work to create a better day for YOURSELF.

Happy creation!

Find A Way,