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What's Your Line

What's My Line was a well-known television show (1950-1967) hosted by John Charles Daly. The premise of the show was for the panel to guess the unusual occupations of the contestants. The rules of the game required panelists to probe by only asking questions that could be answered "yes" or "no," thus the contestants revealing little specific information about themselves.

When you are questioned about who you are or what you do, what's your line? What do you say about yourself to others, and to yourself? Sometimes we are not truly aware of the message behind our words to others or to ourselves.

In my book Find A Way, I tell a story about a meeting with a prospective financial planning client (page 25). Here's what I learned about the young gentlemen from his own words: He had a good job, he was very bright, he was in good physical condition, he was good looking, and yet, his life was kind of on hold, or just "kind of falling apart." As I listened to him speak, I repeatedly heard him say: I struggle with making decisions; I struggle with investing; I struggle with what shall I do next; I struggle, I struggle, I struggle.

Joseph Murphy wrote, "Your subconscious mind cannot take a joke," meaning the subconscious mind takes you literally and creates in your life whatever you tell it. If you're constantly saying to yourself, "I struggle," your subconscious mind is going to make you struggle.

Now, let me ask you this: Do you think differently than Donald Trump, Bill Gates, or Oprah? What do they know and understand that most people don't? What's their line? Is it: I can't; I struggle; that situation won't work for me? I think not. What they say out loud and to themselves, and how they think is the only difference between us and them.

Here's a tip: when you start to say negative statements out loud or to yourself, STOP and change it immediately. Don't finish the sentence or thought. Flip it to a better thought! This may take time and practice, so keep reminding yourself. As you're going through your day today, tomorrow, this week, next week, remember: What's My Line?