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If not now...when? Most of us have postponed or delayed something in our life, or worst just abandoned it. Whatever the reasons we may have had at the time and we always have a "good reason" at least it seems like a good reason at the time, and yes sometimes it is. And sometimes the reasons aren't so good. They aren't reasons at all but excuses. We make excuses; "like it isn't the right time; I'll have more time later; I don't have... " (you fill in the blank)

Let me remind you, as life moves forward, as it moves on, it moves faster. We don't have more time. We get less. Unfortunately too many times the real reason is we are afraid. (I know we don't talk about this in polite company but!) We are afraid of failure; afraid of success, afraid of change, or afraid to make the commitment. How will it change my life? How will it affect my relationships. Answer this: How will it affect you?
Success is okay and so is failure. On the path, it happens, let me tell you this: you will succeed more then you fail if you keep moving. Change is just change and we all adjust, after a little whining. And good relationships grow and get stronger. Again, sometimes after a little whining.
Shakespeare said, "Our doubts are our traitors and make us lose the good we might often win by fearing to attempt."
If not now, and not today than when?

  • When will you start doing more of the things you want to do?
  • When will you live the life you have always wanted?
  • When will you take the risk?
  • When will you ask that question?
  • When will you start that or buy that business?
  • When will you take that trip?
  • When will you take that class or course?
  • When will you finish your degree?
  • When will you start saving and investing?
  • When will you buy that building?
  • When will you start to eat healthy?
  • When will you take care of you?
  • When will you finish that project?
  • When will you write that book?
  • When will you start living your dream?

If now is not the time, then when?