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Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf?

I had another topic in mind for this week originally, but during a meeting with one of my mentees/friends, she mentioned to me that she was having a “rejection” problem. And I got to thinking…
My friend started recently doing networking marketing sales to earn extra money. After the initial glow had worn off, she realized that she was having a difficult time asking people to host groups or to buy products. 
Now, she sells a quality product that people like and the environment in which she sells is fun and friendly. Everyone seems to have a good time and receive a good value for their money. So what's the problem?
The problem is she hasn't been asking people to host groups. So while she did great the first month, in the second month her sales have dropped to near zero. 
What happened? She got “into her head” and began coming up with all these reasons why people won't say yes to hosting. And now she feels rejected even before she asks.
Often we do not ask for what we want or need. Or we talk ourselves out of asking, convincing ourselves that we will surely be rejected, and so we never make the attempt.
This brings to mind one of my favorite quotes from Shakespeare: “Our doubts are our traitors and make us lose the good we might oft win by fearing to attempt.”
We not only fear failure, we fear success. We fear what others will say; we fear rejection, and this is a trap. Rejection is very powerful trap.
Realize that most people feel the same. Remember that it is our job, perhaps even our duty, to let our life shine, to use our gifts, no matter how small or how grandiose. We can’t do that if we let fear of rejection rule our lives.
Pay attention to what's going on inside you. How are you allowing fear of rejection to stop you?
Remind yourself that you deserve, just as much as anyone else, to have all the good things in life that you want. Remember that others, too, are fearful of being rejected. Help them, and help yourself.
“Do one thing that scares you every day.”
— Eleanor Roosevelt
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